Hello Officials,

                Your R/J Commission is excited about 2018 and the things that will be coming out in the near future!  In late 2017, we ended with the National Rulebook, the Selection process for USA Boxing National Tournaments and the Ranking Procedures for Level III Officials.  Already this year we have released the R/J Workshop to be instructed in all LBCs.  We are currently working on the R/J Manual that will teach the correct procedures for Officials.  The manual will be a great tool for standardizing our mechanics in the ring, establish a reference point for detailed and scrutinized procedures, and as well as what is expected from officials in such predicaments, as opposed to a simple list of rules.  Release date for the R/J Manual will be early March! 

                Begining early 2017 the Judges Pathway and online certification test were started online.  It has helped a lot of LBCs ease the burden of travel due to the size of their geographic area.  We will keep this pathway in the future and look for other ideas we can create to utilize online testing to better serve our members.  We ask for your input!  As mentioned, we created the Selection Process for USA Boxing National Tournaments; this pathway defines what it takes to be an invited Official to a USA Boxing National Tournament.  It clearly states that if you are a Level II or Level III Official, you attend a National Tournament and your final weighted rank percentage of your Judging scores is above 85% you could be invited to a Tournament as Staff.  As an Invited staff your airfare, lodging and meals will be paid for by USA Boxing.  In 2017, The Ranking Procedures for Level III Officials was created.  It uses objective criteria’s to evaluate an Officials Knowledge and performance at a tournament.  Once both parts of the ranking procedure are completed, the Official will have a ranking percentage.  The higher the ranking percentage, the higher on the Ranking list you will be ranked.  Currently, Kevin Hope of Massachusetts is the number one ranked official in the United States.  Will it be you to better his score? 

Do you want to be an AIBA Official? 

                If your answer is YES, I have great news! Officials that are ranked in the Top 20 of the Level III Officials Ranking List will be able to test for AIBA at the time the next certification test is announced.  This is another way to alleviate any confusion and make it clear, whatever level you aspire to be, you have a clear path to success, to reach your goals. 

                As you can see, the mission of the R/J Commission for 2018 will stay the same as it was last year. The most important areas of concern are standardization and communication with all Officials across the U.S.  This year, we will add to that and put emphasis on continuing education and Pathways to become better Official and elevate to the next level. Your R/J Commission members are Patricia Pliner - WI, Lydia Razo – CA, Mark Calo-oy - TX,           Brent Bovell – MD, Chris Walden – MO and Beau Campbell – CO.


Thank you,                                                                                                                                                                 Shawn Reese

Chairman, R/J Commission

Officials' Update

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